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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Online Ministry for the Week 10/02 - 10/08 2017


Gracious and Patient God, as we come to you this day, we are mindful of the many ways in which we have so easily turned our back on you. Turn us around again, O Lord. Open our hearts and our spirits to receive your holy word that we may again walk in the path of true discipleship. Amen.


Psalm 80:7-15

80:7 Restore us, O God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.
80:8 You brought a vine out of Egypt; you drove out the nations and planted it.
80:9 You cleared the ground for it; it took deep root and filled the land.
80:10 The mountains were covered with its shade, the mighty cedars with its branches;
80:11 it sent out its branches to the sea, and its shoots to the River.
80:12 Why then have you broken down its walls, so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?
80:13 The boar from the forest ravages it, and all that move in the field feed on it.
80:14 Turn again, O God of hosts; look down from heaven, and see; have regard for this vine,
80:15 the stock that your right hand planted.


Turn Around

In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. Isaiah 30:15 (NIV)

Did you know that the biblical word for personal change is repentance? Most people misunderstand the term. The popular conception of repentance is “Stop sinning! Quit doing bad things!” But the word actually means to change your mind.

So what kind of repentance do you need? Is it time to change your perspective, think in a different way, make a mental U-turn? When you change your mind, your behavior will follow because repentance starts in the mind, not in actions.

—The Daniel Plan Team

The Daniel Plan brief excerpt from The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a HealthierLife by Rick Warren, DMin; Daniel Amen, MD; & Mark Hyman, MD (Zondervan). © 2013 by The Daniel Plan. Used with permission. All rights reserved.



Almighty God, your wondrous creation testifies to your wisdom. We are in awe of you as we witness an eclipse or a glorious sunset. When a hurricane causes destruction, we ponder your power and feel vulnerable. We would be lost without your life-giving word! Thank you for befriending us in Christ, your word made flesh. May your Spirit give us a loving, childlike heart to reflect your kindness each day. Amen.

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